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People over Property: Church History

If your church has a long history we think it’s important to have a written church history. Make sure that church history focuses on people over property.

How to Plan and Promote Your Next Church Event

HOW TO PLAN AND PROMOTE YOUR NEXT CHURCH EVENT Wondering why your church event was poorly attended after all the effort you put into promoting it? Here are some steps to help you more effectively plan and promote your next church event.   It’s...

Church Communications Manager for Hire

CHURCH COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER FOR HIRE Considering hiring a part-time communications manager to your church staff? Here are a few things to consider first. There might be a better way!   Is your church looking to hire a part-time church communications...

Small Churches Matter

SMALL CHURCHES MATTER Our communities are stronger in every way when small churches are healthy and effective.   Small churches matter. They matter just as much as large churches. Small churches carry no less responsibility to advance the kingdom than...