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Your online presence should serve as a window into the heart of your church. We’ll help you show your community what makes your small church special.


Someone once told me, “Find what God is blessing and get in line!” God is blessing your church and Garrison Communications will help people get in line by creating a clean, attractive, and effective website to serve as a window into your congregation. Let people take a peek inside and see what God is doing!

Social Media

It’s all about heart. If you can show people the heart of your church they won’t be able to help but want to be a part. That is where social media comes in. Garrison Communications will help you put the heart of your church on display through consistent and effective social media strategies.

Branding & Identity

Garrison Communications will help your church create a visual identity (logo) for it and its ministries. When your church has a consistent visual identity you can begin to grow your reputation in the community. Every time someone sees your logo they’ll know who you are and who you represent.


Internal Communications

Everything about a church is stronger when your members are clear on what is happening, when, where and why. This allows them to be the best ambassadors and “inviters” they can be for your church. Garrison Communications will work with your church’s staff and leadership to help create an effective communications strategy for the members of your church.


External Communications

One of the hardest parts about ministry is knowing how to truly connect with your community.  Garrison Communications will help you get your message to the community you serve. We will help you define your target audience and come up with the most effective ways of reaching them.


Print Design

Every church wants their print material to be attractive and effective. Whether it’s your weekly bulletin, newsletter, or promotional items, Garrison Communications can help take them to the next level to connect in more effective ways as well as develop new and fresh ways to get your message out through print.


Content Strategy

Sometimes, Sunday mornings just aren’t enough. You need a way to speak in to the lives of your church and community during the week. Garrison Communications will help you create and manage an effective content strategy for your website and blog.

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